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 WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1

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WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1 Empty
PostSubject: WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1   WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 2:01 am

This update includes the following:

Player clipping
This allows you to follow players without walking through walls/objects

Npc Clipping ALL
You will not be seeing ANY npcs walking through walls while walking and following players.

Home Ladders all work

Npc Facing added
Before this update npcs could only face south with no movement by default. Now they can face any direction.

Owner Thrones
Thrones for owner added upstairs at lletya (home area)
If we decide to introduce player owned towns the thrones may be used by the town's owners

Starting Area changed
Players now start at the new home area.

Death spawn
Upstairs in home area, close to prayer altar which also works now Smile

Whillicker's Cafe
The head chef now sells Wizard Mind Bomb's, Asgarnian Ale's, and Dwarven Stouts.
The effects have been boosted, but you get an equal negative effect in return.
He also sells food, as you would imagine.

General Store
Not much to say here..

BugFixes -
Run toggle fix (button toggles run instead of walk)

Prayer drain reduced by 1/3 (Requested by players)

To join the game use hamachi, the networks are whillickerscape, whillickerscape1, and whillickerscape2
We recommend that you use the most updated client which can be found here
The webclient will come later, but this is for the best gaming experience.
WhillickerScape V1.8.04

Duel arena bug - Interfaces and arena not running correctly.
Ranging shop [home]
Armour/sword shop [home]

Leave feedback thanks..

Be Jelly of this

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WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1   WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 2:07 am

Thank you Wade for all these amazing updates while I was gone.
I am back now, and shit will return to the way it was. NO MOAR FUCKING PARTIES. Kidding, parties continue on. Anyway, I was gone due to being not smart, not going indepth, but I'm back now and happy to be a part of the community once more. Time for some updates!
Thanks once again to our head Developer and co-owner Wade. Smile We appreciate all you do here.
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WhillickerScape Alpha Update 1
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